Contact us if you are Media, Magazine, Web, News Agency or Company organizer or sponsor of any type of event. We can give you coverage with professional photographers, also making available to our Producer with the possibility of broadcasting live video.


The best team of Professional Photographers in Spain, Argentina, USA, UK, Italy, Holland, France …


Our Producer can satisfy any need, whether it is making corporate videos or broadcast live signal.

Stock Images

We have a great Stock of Images with the best Photographs with Global Editorial License.

Political / Breaking News
Coronavirus / COVID-19
Football / Soccer
Tennis / ATP - WTA
Formula One / F1
Other Motorsports
Other Sports

Sports & News Coverage

  • The AFP7 Agency is specialized in Sports, being the Graphic Agency Provider of Europa Press in Spain.
  • We also are present for different coverage in Politics, Spanish Royalty, Events, Music Concerts, Interviews and Reports.
  • We contribute and support with our work so that women’s sport has greater visibility.
  • We take care of the athlete’s image directly or through their Representation Agency.

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